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Over the years, Stanford graduate students and professors have mapped many parts of the western states.  Some of our geologic mapping projects have been funded by the USGS EDMAP Program and the U.S. National Parks Service.   The entire northern and southern Snake Range, including the Mount Moriah Wilderness area in the northern Snake Range and the Great Basin National Park in the southern Snake Range have been mapped and are available to the public. We are working on making our unpublished maps and field trip guides available, some can be viewed below.

Recent Geologic Mapping

  • Lund Snee, Jens-Eric and Miller, E.L., 2015, Preliminary geologic map of Cenozoic units of the central Robinson Mountain volcanic field, northwestern Huntington Valley, Elko County, Nevada, Nevada Bureau of Mines OF2015-02.
  • Lund Snee, Jens, 2013, Geology and Geochronology of  Cenozoic Units in the Pinon Range and Huntington Valley, Nevada, MS Thesis, Stanford University, 263p.
  • Konstantinou, A., 2013, Crustal Evolution of the Northeastern Basin and Range:  Insights from the Structural and Magmatic History of the Albion-Raft River-Grouse Creek Metamorphic Core Complex, Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University, 298p.
  • Van Buer, N., 2012, Preliminary geologic map of the Sahwave and Nightingale Ranges, Churchill, Pershing and Washoe Counties, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Open File Report 12-2, 1:62,500, map and text.  Available Here