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Studies in the Russian Arctic and Northeast Russia

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We have been working with Russian collaborators in NE Russia and the Russian Arctic since 1994. It's  a frontier region and logistically difficult to get to.  Our projects focus on the deformational history of orogenic belts and the origin and evolution of the magmatic belts of NE Russia and on the plate tectonic evolution of the Amerasia Basin of the Arctic.  Our funding has come from a variety of sources, including NSF CD EAR-93-17087 and EAR0948673, American Chemical Society PRF Award 45432-AC8, CRDF, the Swedish Polar Secretariat, Exxon-Mobil, Shell International, BP. Russian scientists have visited Stanford as part of the School of Earth Science Blaustein visiting scholar program and international Fullbright Program.

Locations of work in Russia
This map shows the approximate locations of where we have worked since 1994. The publications associated with these projects listed at the end of this page are those from 2000 forward.


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