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GS 193/293 Advanced structural mapping in the field

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Canyon in Funeral Mountains, Death Valley
View looking NW of the Miocene Boundary Canyon normal fault, Funeral Mountains, Death Valley

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What do faults look Like and How do they work?

Data Collection and Geologic mapping along the Boundary Canyon Fault, Death Valley National Park


Experience the excitement of geologic mapping and data collection in a desert environment, where the rock exposure is amazing.  This field trip/class will teach you how to collect data on rock deformation in metamorphic rocks and how to compare and measure deformation features formed in the ductile and brittle regime of the Earth's crust, along one of the premier low angle "detachment" faults in the western U.S. Cordillera, the Boundary Canyon Fault (BCF, white arrow), Funeral Mts, Death Valley.  We will spend two days field-tripping down to the (deeper) zone of Cretaceous amphibolite facies metamorphism, granite intrusion, partial melting and migmatization of the crust.  This is a unique opportunity!  Depending on the schedule needs, there may be an early-departure versus a Spring Break departure group.  Please let me know your interest and we can plan on a couple of information meetings. Contact:

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