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GS 190 Research in the Field

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GS 190 class participants, 2017
GS 190 class participants, 2017

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(2-3 weeks) can be taken in two iterations to satisfy the undergraduate field requirement (in addition to GS 105). This class is taught as a faculty supervised field research project or series of projects, open to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Localities and schedule vary.

Past Course Trips

GS190 2017

Four weeks in White Pine and Grant Range, Egan Range (with Erik Sperling) and June Lake region, eastern Sierra Nevada

GS190 2013

2-3 weeks Blue Mass Canyon, NV.-UT.

GES 190 description

GS 190 2011

2-3 weeks in the Albion-Raft River Range, Idaho

GES 190 ID description

GS190 2010

2 weeks in Pinon Range and Ruby Mountains

GES 190 NV Description